To connect your X-Touch to your X32, simply connect the two devices with an ethernet cable, or connect both devices to the same router (this latter option may be more useful if you’re intending to also connect a computer or other device to your X32.)

On the X-Touch, hold the Channel 1 select button as you’re powering the device on in order to change the emulation mode. Change this to XCtrl using the rotary encoder on Channel 1, then: 

-    Use the Channel 2 rotary encoder to select Network 
-    Use the Channel 3 rotary encoder to select DHCP
-    Use the Channel 4 rotary encoder to select On.

Now click the Channel 1 Select button again. When you see the word ‘Scan’ on the Channel 8 scribble strip, push the Channel 8 rotary encoder. The X-Touch should automatically find the X32 and follow the settings on the device.