Automix will prioritise specific speakers and attenuate the volume of unused microphones at that time. The 2 automix groups on the Wing are named X and Y. Each of these groups can have maximum of 16 channels each. It is important to note that channels can only be assigned to 1 channel at a time.

To assign a channel to an automix group:

  1. Select the insert slot in your channel strip (this will mean that FX inserts will not be possible on this channel).
  2. At the top of the screen are the buttons “FX”, “AUTO – X” and “AUTO – Y”.
  3. Select the group you would like the channel to be assigned to and click “ON/OFF” button to set it to “ON”.
  4. All channels assigned to this group are visible from this view. Each channel has its own fader which is used to adjust the weight (or priority) of the channel. Channels with a high weight are prioritised over channels with low weight.
  5. There are 2 metres above each fader. The metre on the left shows the level of the corresponding channel while the metre on the right is the amount of attenuation. If this bar is completely full this signifies that the maximum amount of attenuation is being applied.