See image below for reference before beginning.

Follow the steps below to connect your ULM202USB / ULM200USB microphones to the related receiver.

  1. Plug in the ULM200D wireless receiver to the “WIRELESS ONLY!” USB connector on wireless-enabled BEHRIINGER mixers, powered speakers or other compatible products; or to a USB port on a computer.
  2. Press and hold the ▲ button on the ULM200M wireless microphone to connect wirelessly to the ULM200D receiver. The LED on the microphone will flash slowly during the connecting sequence and will light solid once connected.
    *If the ULM200M wireless microphone cannot connect to a receiver, the microphone will automatically power down after 10 seconds.*
  3. Once connected, the ULM200M microphone will be set at a medium volume. Use the ▲ and ▼ buttons to adjust the volume.

Your microphone/s should now be connected and ready to go!