There are two possible ways to reset/gain entry to your unit if you have forgotten or someone has put a password lock on it.

We would recommend first starting with the following as this will be the easiest method.

  1. With your IPD connected to a computer open IntelliDrive.
  2. Once open and your IPD is present enter the Mixer window.
  3. Go to the Hardware tab in the top left and choose Enter Password
  4. First try entering the USER MODE password, the password is "Password"
  5. If this does not open the unit we can try the ADMIN MODE password, the password for this is "Ad_min"
  6. If either of these do not resolve the issue, please let us know.

If you do not have access to a computer and need to do unlock the unit this can be done from the front panel, the passwords for both USER MODE and ADMIN MODE will be the same, however, for ADMIN MODE the _ will now become a space.

To access the window please go to Menu, Device Config, Unlock.

If the above does not resolve your issue please submit a support case through the Community Portal: