The Ditto Jam X2 boasts the BeatSense function, which allows you to set the tempo that the looper follows according to the rhythm of the band you are playing with. In order to utilise this, the device needs to be in BeatSense mode. If the ‘STOP’ LED is solid green or flashing at tempo, you are already in BeatSense mode. If not, follow the steps below:

To change modes, push the ‘STOP’ footswitch twice quickly and then hold it down. Keep holding until you see the ‘LOOP’ light flash briefly. If the ‘LOOP’ LED flashes green twice, you are now in BeatSense mode and should experience the ‘STOP’ LED behaviour described above. If not, change mode again until you do.

You can use BeatSense with either the onboard mic or an external mic plugged into the slot on the top of the device. Follow the steps in the tables below to set this up at your gig:

With an external mic:

With the onboard mic: