If ever you want to export some or all of your settings from one Deepmind device to another, or just to create backups of your settings, you can do so by saving these in SysEx format. If you are using a PC, you’ll first need to download MIDI OX, if on a Mac you’ll need SysEx Librarian.

With your device connected to your computer via USB cable:

-    Press the ‘GLOBAL’ button.
-    Open the ‘CONNECTIVITY’ menu.
-    Open the ‘EXPORT’ menu.
-    Set the destination to USB, and change ‘DUMP-TYPE’ to ‘All’ – details on other dump types can be found in the product manual on the product’s download page.
-    Navigate to ‘SYSEX DUMP’ but do not press ‘YES’ yet.
-    On your computer, open MIDI OX/ SysEx Librarian.
     o    MIDI OX – click Options > MIDI devices, then set the Deepmind device as the input and output device. Next, click View > SysEx…, then select SysEx > Receive Manual Dump.
     o    SysEx Librarian – open the dropdown menu at the top of the window and select the Deepmind device. Click the ‘Record One’ button.
-    Push ‘YES’ on the Deepmind. MIDI OX/ SysEx Librarian should record the SysEx dump. Simply save this to your computer with a suitable name for reference at a later date.