Firstly, ensure that you are using the latest firmware on your device. You can double check this by connecting to your computer, opening the VoiceSupport 2 application and checking to see if a notification pops up prompting you to update your firmware. Once sure you are running the latest firmware, simply do the following:

-    Connect your Mic Control compatible microphone to the microphone input on the Voicelive Touch device.
-    Press ‘Setup’ on the device, then click the top left of the grid squares to select and edit the ‘Input’ parameter.
-    Swipe left/ right on the bar at the bottom of the device until you see the correct microphone type (MP-75, MP-76 etc.)
-    Navigate to the ‘Mic Control’ menu using the large left/ right arrows on the device.
-    Set your preferences for what you want the buttons on your microphone to control.