The high-pass filter filters all frequencies below the specified frequency.

Input HPF and Low Output HPF are available.

Input HPF affects all output channels.

Low Output HPF affects only the lowest output of the Module.

These two different modes of operation are provided to satisfy the requirements of various requirement and signal-processing configurations.

To set the Low Output HPF:

1. Tap HPF ENABLE, then tap HPF Select.

2. Select a filter from the scroll bar on LAKE controller , a max of 24 dB .

3. Tap HPF Set, then YES to the warning message.


To change the HPF to affect all outputs (Input HPF):

1. Tap CROSSOVER FUNCTIONS, then HPF Functions.


While in this mode, move the HPF centre frequency, and note how it affects all outputs of the Module

The centre frequency of the HPF can be set to a minimum of 10 Hz using the Filter Edit function.

HPF (High Pass Filter)