When the device is in AES67 enable mode it can only run at 48 kHz and can also be used for DANTE subscriptions and transmissions.
The receiver latency for AES67 subscriptions are 2 ms and the transmission flows are Multicast only.

The AES67 subscriptions can only be configured in DANTE CONTROLLER, the AES67 transmitter must support the Session Announcement Protocol (SAP). This is one of four device discovery methods referenced in the AES67 standard. Please check if the transmitting non-Dante AES67 device supports SAP, otherwise DANTE CONTROLLER cannot discover the audio coming from the device. Dante devices supports Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) if their AES67 mode is enabled.

In the case of Multicast IP addresses, they must be in the range of – 

If dual redundancy is enabled on the device, the AES67 flow only works on the primary network. It is still possible to utilize DANTE on primary and secondary networks at the same time as the AES67 flow is present on the primary network.