The entire processor configuration can be stored as a Frame Pre-set on this Hardware device. Pre-sets can be recalled via the front panel or via LAKE CONTROLLER software or PRE-SET MANAGER utility.

Pre-sets can be stored using the LAKE CONTROLLER software or Pre-set Manager utility.

A Maximum of 100 frames pre-sets can be stored on this device, the data within a Frame Pre-set includes the configurations of all Modules in the Frame, including levels, crossover, EQ, Input Mixer, Routing and all other parameters. As Frame Pre-sets are stored in the hardware device, recall is available without the need to use a PC.

Using the System Pre-sets function in the LAKE CONTROLLER, entire system configurations can be stored and recalled across a network of PLM and PLM+ Series devices, this enables fast retrieval and switching of entire system configurations as minimal data is being sent between the CONTROLLER and the PROCESSORS.