Before use:

* You will need a TC2290, Mac computer and a Midi Interface

* For recording SysEx data, install SysExLibrarian, found here:

* Make sure the TC2290 'tc device no.' is 0 (<SPEC> <110> <ENTER> <0> <ENTER>)

* Make sure your Midi Interface is correctly setup with SysExLibrarian

* This has been tested with a TC2290 version 28.12, 29.12 and 30.12

* To see version number press <SPEC> <0> <ENTER>


1: Connect Mac to a TC2290 using a midi interface. 

2: In SysEx Librarian, press the button "Record Many". It should come up with a window saying "Waiting for SysEx message..."

3: On the TC2290, press <SPEC> <114> <ENTER> <1> <ENTER>. This will dump all 99 presets.

4: Wait for all of the presets to be transmitted. The SysEx Librarian should show 100 messages received.

5: Click "Done" in the receive window.

6: Choose "File->Save As Sysex (.syx)..." from the menu and save the data as a new SysEx file.