WING – How do I track from my DAW onto the SD cards?


1. In your DAW Assign the WING USB Interface (NGC-USB) as your playback engine

2. Assign the out of each track in your DAW to ascending USB outputs 1-48

3. Assign ALT or Main inputs for each channel on WING to USB 1-48 for monitoring purposes

4. In WING routing, OUTPUT, WLIVE REC, assign WLIVE REC outputs 1-48 to ascending USB IN 1-48

5. Open WING LIVE menu (Represented by the 2 SD cards at the top of the WING Display). If recording 32 tracks or less head to step 6. If recording more than 32 tracks, hit LINK CARDS so that the 2 SD cards will work in tandem. 

6. Press the record Icon in the WING LIVE Menu

7. Begin playback from your DAW

8. After the track is over, stop DAW playback and stop WLIVE RECORDER