As mentioned in the article “Why are my speakers producing excessive noise?” Certain audio sources such as a turntable will naturally produce a crackling sound, mostly caused due to surface noise, static or dust from the vinyl. It is possible to reduce this with the use of Anti-static guns, cleaning your stylus prior to playing and Phono Pre-amps; however, it may still be slightly audible. 

If using a Turntable as your main audio source it may be worth trying a CD Source or MP3 from your phone/computer. If doing this resolves the issue your turntable is most likely to be the cause. Your local Hi-Fi shop will be able to provide additional information on how to resolve this issue along with forums.

If you are still experiencing issues we would recommend checking the following articles to and testing these other aspects:

Why are my speakers producing crackling?
Why are my speakers producing hiss/hum?

If none of the above or alternative articles has resolved the issues you are experiencing the last point of reference will be within your speakers. If your speakers are under warranty at this point, we would recommend reaching out to your place of sale to organise a warranty inspection/repair of the speakers.

If your speakers are no longer within warranty, please feel free to submit a support ticket for further troubleshooting tips.