To set your mixer and phone up to receive live calls for your Podcast/Radio show you need to setup what is known as a Mix Minus. 

A Mix Minus allows you to setup a Mix that has a specific input removed. For a caller on your show this will allow them to hear all audio except their own voice back to their phone. 

You will also need access to a TRRS splitter cable.

A TRRS has 2 ring connections, 1 for the headset (Normally audio playback) and 1 for the Microphone. This is most commonly found on headsets with a built in microphone.

1) Connect the TRRS splitter to your phone. Connect the headset/playback side to an input on your console, and the microphone side to an output.

TIP: Take a test call and you should hear and see an input on the console from your phone.

2) Create a mix bus For all audio that you want sent back to the caller. Send these signals to the bus. 

3) In the Routing > Output menu, assign the mix bus to the output you have connected your cable to. The caller should now be able to hear the mix you have built for them

TIP: We would recommend doing this as Post fader, allowing you to control the level to the caller using the fader. 

4) Connect your console to your DAW or Broadcast software and you are ready to take live calls.

As above we would recommend asking a friend to have a test call with you before broadcasting to ensure that this is working correctly.