Please follow these steps to transfer Toneprints from your Phone or tablet to your amp without the need of a computer. 

1) Download the TC Electronic Toneprint app from your app store. 

2) Open the App and go to Library > Toneprint Bass Amps. In here you will find all compatible Toneprints with your TC bass amp.

3) Once you have selected your toneprint, set the volume on your phone or tablet to around 60 - 80%. Any quieter or louder can sometimes cause the tone to distort and not transfer correctly. 

4) Hold the speaker of your phone no more than 2cm away from the strings, directly above the pickup. Ensure that you have the pickup level at max. 

5) Press Beam to Amp in the Toneprint amp and you should hear the soothing tones of the Toneprint being transferred. The indicator light next to Toneprint dial should flash green to show it is being transferred. 

6) You are all done. Increase the Toneprint level and you should hear the setting of the Toneprint. 

If you are using an amp with multiple Toneprint slots, such as the BH550, ensure that you select which slot you want to send the Toneprint to.