How to update your Plethora Firmware:

  • Download the latest Plethora firmware .bin file from here.
  • Unzip the PlethoraX5_X_X_XX.bin firmware file and save it on your computer (see below diagram).


  • Connect your Plethora X5 to your computer via the included USB cable.
  • The Plethora will show up on your computer as a device. Now drag and drop the
    PlethoraX5_X_X_XX.bin firmware file into the Plethora device folder on your computer.

  • Once the file is copied to the device folder, disconnect the USB cable.

  • Power cycle your Plethora and wait for the firmware upgrade to finish.

  • All done – your Plethora X5 is now updated to the latest firmware.

You can check the firmware version installed in your Plethora’s by accessing the SETTINGS / GLOBAL / ABOUT menu.