The Assign Output on the Crave can be assigned to a range of different functions, and can be patched to any of the patch bay inputs on the Crave. This is covered on page 41 of the rave Quick Start Guide. The list of Assignable Output modes can be found below:

  1. Accent
  2. Sequencer Clock
  3. Sequencer Clock/2
  4. Sequencer Clock/4
  5. Sequencer Step Ramp 
  6. Sequencer Step Saw
  7. Sequencer Step Triangle 
  8. Sequencer Step Random 
  9. Sequencer Step 1 Trigger Output 
  10. MIDI Velocity 
  11. MIDI Channel Pressure 
  12. Pitch Bend
  13. MIDI CC1 
  14. MIDI CC2 
  15. MIDI CC4 
  16. MIDI CC7

To choose your desired assignment, you need to enter the Settings mode by pressing SHIFT+ HOLD/REST + 8. Use the KYBD and STEP buttons to navigate to page 2 of this menu. Press STEP switches 1 to 8 to select numeric values from 1 to 8. The current value is indicated by a green LOCATION LED. To access values 9 to 16, press SHIFT + STEP switch 1 to 8. The current value is shown by a red LOCATION LED. For example, if you want to choose 10 (MIDI VELOCITY) you will need press Shift and the Step number 2. 

This can also be assigned in the latest version of the SynthTool.

Once you have assigned a function to the Output, connect the ASSIGN output to your desired parameter. An example of this could be to assign the Sequencer Step Random to your VCF Cutoff. Once this is patched, this will create a random value for the VCF Cutoff parameter for every step in the sequence.