How to recall your LAKE Frame from Safe Mode.  Download the latest version of Lake Controller here:

  • If you have encountered an issue during a firmware update: loss of power, network connection, or even a computer crash, your frame may power up in SAFE mode.
  • In SAFE mode your device will receive power as normal, but will look like it is stuck on Standby.
  • As a user, SAFE mode is not something you should encounter during normal operation.
  • If you have a frame in SAFE mode, we first recommend removing your frame from your network and connecting to it directly from your computer to the frames primary port via Cat5 cable.
  • Next, go to your computers Local Area Connection to a static IP address in the 169.254.x.x range.
  • Power on your device, so that the LEDs on your frames network port are lit. Then start the LAKE Update utility.
  • Firstly, attempt to update your firmware as normal.
  • If the frame does not start as normal or cannot be found in you LAKE software after a factory reset and power cycle then an option is to force the device into SAFE mode.
  • In the lower left of the LakeUpdate Utility, double click on the LAKE logo and a Safe Mode option will appear in your panel.
  • Click the Safe Mode option, read the dialogue that appears, and click ok.
  • Remove the power from your frame, so it has completely powered off. Then re-apply the power.
  • The device will now show up in the Updater as SAFE.
  • If the device does not show up, try repowering your device again. If the problem persists, there might be a compatibility issue with your network card, so try using a different computer.
  • In the Updater, select the SAFE frame and update the firmware.
  • Once the update has finished, re-start your device.