The following is a guide on how to update the firmware on your X-Touch via Windows PC:

Step 1 - With the X-Touch powered off (and not connected via USB to the computer) press and hold the 'DISPLAY' button and turn on the X-Touch using the power switch at the back of the unit.  The display will show the current Firmware version installed on the unit.

Step 2 - Download the latest firmware from the "downloads" section on the X Touch product page. 

Once the Firmware zip file is downloaded open it up and you will see a Midi Sysex file in the zip package, this is the Firmware file. Extract this file from the zip package and place it on your hard drive in your chosen location. This Sysex message will need to be uploaded to the X-Touch. To do this we will use the freeware software 'MIDI-OX' which is a useful midi tool and makes uploading sysex files a breeze (Any suitable Midi Sysex compatible software can also be used). To download MIDI-OX please visit their site:  

Step 3 - Connect the X-Touch to the computer via either USB cable or via Midi (if using midi connect both the In and Out ports to your Midi interface).   - Open up MIDI-OX and go to 'Options>Midi Devices'. Select the X-Touch as the Midi Input and Midi Output. If you are using a Midi connection via midi interface then select this as your Midi In/Out.

Step 4 - Go to 'View>Sysex'. The Sysex scratchpad will then open up, within this window select 'Command Window> Load File...'

Step 5 - Navigate to the Sysex Firmware file you previously copied to your hard drive and open it. The Sysex data will then load into the Sysex window.

Step 6 - The last step is to then select 'Command Window> Send Sysex and the firmware update will then upload to the X-Touch. 

Make sure to let the 'Sysex Send' process finish, do not disconnect the cable or turn off the unit before the sending process is complete.