If you are using version 4.3.00 of the Toneprint Editor, there is unfortunately an error where it is not possible to transfer Toneprints to your Bass Amp via USB. 

Our innovations and development team are aware of this and are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue in an updated version of the editor.  

For the time being, the only way to transfer your toneprints will be via the beaming method. 

1) Download the Toneprint app on your mobile device, and select a Toneprint from the "TC Bass Amps" Section. If your amp has multiple Toneprint slots, make sure you select one of them. 
2) Set the volume on your mobile device to between 60 and 80% (Any louder or quieter can sometimes distort the tone and cause the transfer to fail), and make sure the pickup volume is set to full. You can mute your amp if you want but this is down to your personal preference. 
3) Press Beam to amp and you should hear the lovely soothing tones of the Toneprint being transferred. It is so Majestic! The Toneprint light on your amp should flicker and then go solid to confirm the toneprint is transferred. 
4) Raise the Toneprint level and you should hear your new settings. 

Please follow TC Electronic on Social media and check our Download centre at the following update for when a new version of the desktop editor is released;|en)