The Reset button on the front panel can be used to reset the IP address of a Loudness Pilot unit or to reset Ethernet communication between Loudness Pilot and a computer when a communication error has occurred.

It may be necessary to reset the IP address of a Loudness Pilot unit. To do so, proceed as follows:

 -Switch off Loudness Pilot by disconnecting both power supplies.

 - Insert a straightened paper clip or a similar object into the “Reset” hole on the front panel until it touches the button behind the panel.

 -Boot the Loudness Pilot by connecting one or both power supplies while still holding the straightened paper clip onto the Reset button.

Loudness Pilot will boot using its default IP address. The default IP address is 192.168.1.[xx], where [xx] is the last two digits of the device’s serial number as printed on its back.

If the serial number of a particular Loudness Pilot ends with “00”, the default IP address for this device will be, as “00” is not a valid IP number in all networks.

There is a small risk that two Loudness Pilot (or other TC signal processors) on a network have the same last two digits in the serial number and thus will conflict after a reset.

To resolve this issue, reset one Loudness Pilot first and change its IP address before connecting the second Loudness Pilot.