If you are experiencing issues with your LIFE BUDS in which they do not pair correctly or loose connection please first try a factory reset, the below steps will guide you in doing this:

1. Put the LIFE BUDS in the charging case,

2. Press LIFE BUD to charging status (red LED on)

3. Double-press the MFB button,

4. The LIFE BUD reset successfully after blue LED fl ashes 5 times, then do same for the other one.

5. If reset is successful and both earbuds flash" red and blue", it means they are in pairing mode. Both earbuds will search automatically and then pair themselves.  After they are paired, only the master earbud (Right) will flash red and blue, and the other earbud flashes blue slowly. After the right earbud is connected to the mobile phone, both earbuds will have sound.

If the above does not resolve your issue, please submit a support case for further assistance.