The different clock modes for the RD-8 are listed below:

  • 1 PPQ
  • 2 PPQ
  • 4 PPQ
  • 24 PPQ
  • 48 PPQ

'PPQ' refers to Pulse per Quarter Note and refers to the number of pulses sent in an analogue clock message, sent to other analogue devices. This is the smallest unit of time used for sequencing note and automation events, both by step sequencers and in the MIDI standard. 

By default the, RD-8 is set to 24PPQ - however this can be changed through the settings menu (SETTINGS > CLOCK (button 3)). Adjusting this can affect the note division of a sequencing device connected to the clock output. For example, if you were to connect an MS-1 synthesizer to the clock output, adjusting the analog clock mode can be useful for adjusting the note lengths/clock division of the sequencer.