Taking the master panel off could damage the monitor faders if not performed correctly.  Unlike the master faders which are only screwed to the underside of the master panel, the monitor faders, as well as being screwed to the master panel are also soldered to the pcb below. 

To take the panel off, first of all remove the 6 x Torx T10 screws from around the outside of the panel.  Remove the four screws holding the monitor faders in place.  On early consoles these were pozi screws, replaced on later consoles by T10 Torx.  As a side note, you will notice that these screws are very short.  Be very careful when re-installing them as over tightening could strip the screw.  Once the monitor fader screws are removed, the panel can be lifted up with the master faders still attached.  The master faders have very long wires, so the panel can be moved to one side if required.  To totally remove the panel, the faders can be unplugged from the driver pcb or unscrewed from the master panel.

When re-installing the master panel, make sure the master fader wires are kept away from any fans to stop fouling.  The first screws to be put in are the monitor fader screws.  Make sure that the correct screws (very short ones) are used.  If longer ones are inserted then it will affect the fader movement.  These are then followed by the screws at the side of the panel (should be longest screws you removed), followed by the screws at the top and bottom of the panel.