Question: My VoiceTone Singles pedal's knobs don't function correctly. Is there anything I can do to fix this

Answer: If your knobs don't seem to be functioning as you expect try to do a re-calibration of the knobs. Follow the procedure below to re-calibrate your pots: Hold down the footswitch and quickly power up and power down the unit three times. The start of the pot calibration routine is indicated by a green LED in the top right corner and a blinking red LED in the center of the unit. The Green LED indicates the top left potentiometer. The potentiometers are calibrated from left to right and the top right LED will change color as each potentiometer is successfully calibrated. Green LED = 1st potentiometer (left pot) Orange LED = 2nd potentiometer (center pot for Hardtune and Tone, right pot for Reverb and Double) Orange/Amber may be a bit difficult to see from an angle. Look straight down onto the LED to see the color change from green. Red LED = 3rd potentiometer (right pot for HardTune) Each pot is calibrated as follows: 

  1. Turn the pot fully counter clockwise and press the foot switch once. The center LED should become solid red. 
  2. Turn the pot fully clockwise and press the foot switch once. The center LED should become blinking red again and the top right LED should change color indicating the next pot is ready to calibrate.

Once you have calibrated the last pot, unplug and re-plug the device to resume normal operation. If you need a bit more help, check out the video below: