The disk-on-chip module was only fitted to very early PRO6 consoles.  This was due to the flash card being only 2 GB in size at the time.  The disk-on-chip stores all the show and preset files.

The flash card was later upgraded to a 4 GB version which negated the need for a d-o-c as all the relevant information could now be stored in the one place.

A PRO6 with the d-o-c modules can be retrofitted with the 4 GB cards and the d-o-c can be removed.

We do however recommend using the 4 GB industrial use flash cards that Midas supplies as standard, and not the consumer versions that are used in cameras, etc. 

To determine whether your PRO6 has d-o-c modules, the serial number will start with 60*** (although not all these consoles will have them).  If the serial number lands in this bracket, then the next place to check is in the BIOS, or the logs could be downloaded and a Midas Technician will be able to read from them which Flashcards are being used.

For further information, please contact the Midas Support Page and create a Care Ticket.