Your Perform-V also has the ability to “beam” or import a Preset sound to each of the 1, 2, 3 buttons.

The imported Preset can contain up to seven effects:


HardTune (pitch correction)


Modulation (chorus, flange etc.)




There are two ways you can import a Preset:

1) First using the Preset App, you can use your smart-phone and our Preset App to “beam” a Preset into Perform-V.

Simply press the button for the Preset location (1, 2 or 3) that you’d like to assign the Preset to.

Then, follow the instructions in the App to send the Preset data to your Perform-V.

Download the Perform-V Preset App here:

Play Store:

Apple Store :

2) Second is by using VoiceSupport

You can use our VoiceSupport application (available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X).

Install VoiceSupport on your computer.

Connect your computer via USB to your Perform-V.

You can now add Pre-sets by drag & drop from our available on-line libraries.

Download VoiceSupport here:|en)