The DN9650 was originally designed for operation at 96KHz only.  This was the clock speed all Midas consoles operated at.  The 48KHz clocking option was only made available in the latest software release on the Klark Teknik website.  The design of the routing inside the DN9650 is 1 : 1 (AES50 to CM1 card).  This means that;
  • AES50 Port 1 is channels 1 - 24 bidirectionally,
  • AES50 Port 2 is channels 25 - 48 bidirectionally and
  • AES50 Port 3 is channels 49 - 72 bidirectionally. 
This cannot be changed.

Therefore, at 48KHz, even though it should be possible to run 48 channels bidirectionally on each AES50 port, this is not actually possible.  If you need 48 channels of audio, then you will need to use two AES50 ports on the console and DN9650.  You will assign the first 24 channels to AES50 port 1 and the 25 - 48 channels to AES50 port 2.  On an M32, this does mean that you have to use both AES50 ports, leaving only the local IO available for inputs and outputs.