The M32 series of consoles can connect to both the black and blue range of MIDAS IO boxes but it is unable to update any of these units directly from the control surface.

For users of the black IO boxes like the DL16 and DL32 go to and search for your product, from there simply download the latest version of firmware and update the unit via USB of your PC/laptop. 

For M32 users who connect to of any of the blue PRO series IO boxes such a DL151 or DL231, the method is different.

Most PRO series console users would simply connect their blue IO box to the console and update it as one complete system -but:

What if the users does not own a PRO series console?
Or perhaps they do but the user does not want to/or cannot get it out of storage or transit?
What if the customer has an M32 console only?

The IO updater software was created to address these needs.

To download it please go to this link:|en)

Then follow the videos detail how to update and use it in two sections. 

Part 1:

Part 2: