When set to the Cable Tester (Installed) mode, the CT200 will be able to internally test a connected cable for the number of pins present. The number of pins depends on your cable, and the CT200 will be able to detect what kind of cable is attached.

When a working XLR cable is connected to the input and output port, the PASS light will turn green and the number 3 will be displayed on the central screen, indicating that 3 pins are detected as working. This will change depending on your cable, so for example if a MIDI 5-pin Din cable was connected, 5 pins would be detected.

Should the cable display an intermittent fault, the INTERMITTENT light would then turn orange to indicate an intermittent short. The central display will then flash, displaying the number of the pin that is shorted. The table below shows the different pins for each cable, and what the refer to:

The display will continue to flash until the cable is disconnected, or the RESET button is pressed. You may find that the cable needs to be manoeuvred around in order to find an intermittency, depending on how obvious the fault is. 

If the CT200 detects that the pins are disconnected, the OPEN light will turn orange. The central display will then show which pin is open. If more than one pin is disconnected, the display will alternate between the open pins.