Chord mode allows you to assign a chord to each individual note on a the Deepmind keyboard, allowing you to trigger multiple chords at the press of one key.

To do this, press CHORD in the ARP/SEQ section of the Deepmind. A keyboard will then pop up on your screen - hit the central button (GLOBAL) to record. Then, play a chord of your choice of up to 12 notes - the Deepmind will then 'learn' this chord. You can continue to add notes to the chord as long as at least one note is held down. When all notes are released, the chord is finished. 

A message will then pop up saying PRESS TRIGGER. You will need to select a note as your trigger - generally we would advise to choose the root note of your chord that you have just recorded, so for example if you played a C chord, choose a C as your trigger. 

The chord will now be stored to this note, and any subsequent notes will transpose the chord up/down respectively. As long as the CHORD button is illuminated, each note will play a different chord. To exit this mode, simply press the CHORD button again.