The Poly Chord mode works in a very similar way to chord mode, but allows you to assign specific chords to specific notes rather than the same chord structure across all notes. This also allows you to keep some notes unaffected and only have chords on specific notes of the board. There are 4 memory banks to which you can save your poly chord settings. 

To create a poly chord, press the POLY CHORD switch once, and it will illuminate. Use the BNK UP to choose which Bank you would like to store your chords to. Press the REC soft switch, and “ARMED” will appear at the bottom of the display. 

Play in your desired chord of up to 12 notes and the Deepmind will 'learn' your chord. You can add additional notes to the chord as long as at least one note is still being held down. Release all the keys when you are done. 

You will then be prompted to choose a trigger key for this specific chord. If you press an existing trigger key at this stage, it will be overwritten with the new chord. This chord will then be played whenever the trigger note is pressed, as long as POLY EDIT is illuminated.

To exit Poly Edit mode, Press POLY EDIT so that it is no longer illuminated.