The Control Sequencer is a set of values, almost like an arpeggiator but for data. The Deepmind will cycle through at your desired speed and affect any parameters assigned to your control sequencer through the modulation matrix.

Firstly, you must set up the control sequencer data. To do this, press EDIT twice in the ARP/SEQ section which will take you to the Control Sequencer menu. Here you can set the speed, rate and slew rate of the sequencer. You can also adjust the length of the sequence, up to 32 steps.

The final option in the menu is SEQUENCE, which allows you to create the actual sequence values. 

Once selected, you will see all step across the horizontal axis (up to 32) and the value of each step along the vertical axis.The current step can be selected using the rotary knob. To adjust the value for a step, press the PROG switch (under the VALUE text) to enter VALUE editing mode. 

Once you are happy with your sequencer, press WRITE to save your sequence. To exit the SEQUENCER EDITOR menu, press the EDIT switch in the ARP/SEQ section and you will return to the CTRL SEQUENCER menu.

The control sequencer can then be assigned as a controller within your modulation matrix, to control destinations such as filters, LFO rates and many more destinations. More information on setting this up can be found here.