The sustain pedal can be used for a variety of funcitons, as well as to control the sustain of any notes triggered on the Deepmind. By pressing GLOBAL you can go into the Pedal settings and set the functionality to Normally Open or Normally closed depending on your type of pedal.

The sustain pedal can also be used to toggle between Hold ON and OFF when the Deepmind is in ARP mode. The HOLD light will illuminate when pressed once, and will go off when pressed again.

Another feature within this menu is the ability to map your sustain pedal to the global tap tempo. Scroll along to Tap-N.O (Normally Open) or Tap-N.C (Normally Closed). When in this mode, 5 taps on the pedal will set the tempo of your Deepmind. 

Finally, the ARP/SEQ GATE modes will allow you to programme a sequence chord and toggle through each note at every press. Initially you will hear no sound when the chord is played, but you will hear each note when the pedal is pressed.