To understand what ICTE stands for we first need to split it into two sections, ICT and E.

ICT refers to our Inductive Coupling technology used within the drivers, The ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) drive unit addresses two common component failures in background music systems: the tweeter and the crossover. Use of wireless electromagnetic coupling to drive the tweeter means that no crossover is required, making the ICT drive unit exceptionally reliable and ideal for applications where constant heavy usage is the norm. The point source configuration of the Tannoy ICT driver’s mid-bass and tweeter sections ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage, avoiding significant energy losses in the vertical plane at the crossover frequency, a flaw inherent in typical two-way designs.

The use of an inductively coupled 25 mm (1”) Duralumin domed wireless electromagnetic tweeter means that no crossover is required in the design. The high frequency dome has a deep drawn skirt which sits on the inside of the low frequency voice coil in the same magnetic gap. Like a single shorted turn, it is induced with high frequency information generated by the low frequency voice coil, which is fed a full bandwidth.

E refers to the specifically designed self-aligning 3 way clamp system for fast, simple and cost effective installation, the CMS 403ICTE can be angled towards the listener within the fixed ceiling-mounting ring. By discreetly pivoting the loudspeaker towards the desired area of coverage, the challenge of speaker placement in a less than ideal room is easily overcome.