All of the various BEHRINGER products available are fitted with USB 2.0 ports. This protocol functions best on the universally agreed maximum cable length of 5 meters (or 16 feet).

For critical devices (such as high resolution audio interfaces) an additional ferrite coil may help to reduce external disturbances but for simpler devices (easy MIDI controllers etc.) this is normally not needed.

In fact, lengths over 5 meters would likely work, but as we cannot be certain of its behavior we advise you stay within the 5 meter / 16 feet limit to prevent failure.

Given the above information it is not advised to daisy-chain lengths of USB together, if a length longer than 5 meters is required between the device and the computer you can introduce self-powered USB hubs which can connected together to extend the range of your USB device, but again the same rules apply for 2.0 *hubs and cables: the distance between each powered hub cannot exceed more than 5 meters. 

(*BEHRINGER does not recommend or endorse any particular manufacturer of cable or USB hub)