Some users may be confused about the recording capabilities of the M32 family of consoles. Regardless of what card is fitted in the back of the console -even if no card is fitted- the USB record feature available from the front panel is independent of the expansion card slot at the rear.
Any recording made via the USB can only ever be a stereo WAV 16 bit recording at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz (depending on which you choose)

A useful video explaining the process is available to view below:


If you wish to capture individual channels of audio you will need to send them via your choice of expansion card on the rear of the console,for example DN32-USB, DN32-LIVE, DN32-ADAT or DN32-WSG.

These products will allow: 

  • Up to 32 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz of recording and playback
  • Simultaneous computer audio recording and playback
As well as many other features.