The DL32 may not be synced to the console.

Check first of all that the STP CAT5e cable (80m or less) is plugged into the AES50 A port on the rear of the DL32.  The other end of the cable should be plugged into the AES50 A or B port of the console.  In this instance we are connecting to the A port.

In the display on the console, check that the DL32 is being seen as shown in the diagram below.  If it isn't showing in the A port, then plug the cable into the B port and see if it now shows on the B port in the display.

Now check the front panel of the DL32.  It should show as below.  The AES50 B LED should be off.  If neither of the A or B LED's are lit, then try another cable or a short cable (say about 5m or less).  If the DL32 still does not sync, then contact the Midas Support Department and we will be able to help you further