To calibrate, power up and hold switch 1 and 3. When the display goes blank let the switches go and wait until all LEDs are on. 

When all LEDs are on, click all switches to turn them back off. You should hear a few clicks from the unit (Relay test) and the display will end up showing F1 when complete. 
Press the Down switch Once, and then set the Left Expression pedal to it's lowest value. Once in this position press UP. 
Adjust the Left expression pedal to its highest value and again press up. 
Do the same with the right expression pedal and the calibration is then finished. 
To ensure you are able to send the full range, select a patch where you have the pedals set to their full range and connect to MIDI monitor or MIDIox to ensure the full range is being sent. 

Programming expression pedals

1) Press the 1 switch. 
2) Press and hold down for a couple of settings and this will put the FCB into programming mode for the 1st preset. 
3) Press up once. 
4) Some of the switches will now have their LEDs on. If 8 is not lit then hold this down until it is. Press 8 again and it should blink. 
5) Press UP and the display will show the current CC command for expression pedal A. 
6) Press the 0 button and then 7. 
7) Press up button once and then press 0 twice. This will set the Minimum value for the expression pedal to 0. 
8) Press up again and then press 1, then 2, then 7 to set the maximum value to 127. 
9) Press up once more and then hold Down for a few seconds to exit the programming mode. 

For expression pedal B follow the same process but press pedal 9 instead of Pedal 8 for steps 4 and 6.