The MIDI Implementation responds to Control Change (CC), Program Change (PC) and MIDI Tempo (not MIDI Clock) information.

To block incoming CC and PC messages, hold the Set button while powering on.

Note: data will still be accepted in this state.

For convenience, we have mapped many  CC’s to the Behringer UMA25s controller keyboard.

The “UMA25s Mapping” column shows the button or control on the UMA25s related to each control.

MIDI PC Messages

The product’s 3 pre-sets correspond to Program Change Bank 0: 125, 126, 127


The following chart shows a list of all available control changes.

The MIDI channel can be set by holding the Set button and pressing a note on a connected MIDI keyboard.

 The MIDI channel on which this note was sent will be used as the MIDI receive channel.

MIDI Tempo

The MIDI Tempo responds to incoming MIDI tempo and will adjust system Tap Tempo accordingly.

A driver is required for MIDI use. It can be found here