With Loudness Limiter selected, holding Loudness Limiter (labeled Loudn) will start the Set Gain procedure. This will automatically set the Limiter Gain behind the scenes, based on the audio content and your Loudness Target.

Make sure you have set the Target Loudness level, say -15 LUFS. The Spotify/ Apple/AES Stream texts will individually light up if your Loudness target is appropriate for these platforms.

Note that these recommendations are bound to change now and then.
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Start DAW playback of your project or track and hold Loudness Limiter to let BRICKWALL HD listen to the content.

The Loudness Limiter button will blink while the text display reads LIST. (Listening) and shows the accumulated Loudness value while sampling the content.

The Loudness bar in the display will also show the accumulated Loudness value. The LED bar increases 1 LED per second during Listening.

When the Loudness measurement in the display is not evolving any more, or when the plug-in reads “Sample OK” (when this happens the LED bar on the Desktop Controller will not blink any more), you may press Loudness Limiter to stop listening.

The display will flash “DONE”.

Now, the measured input loudness and the adjusted Target Loudness are used to set the Gain behind the scenes, which will result in the Limiter working to aim for the Target Loudness.

Please note:

We recommend that you let the BRICKWALL HD listen to multiple passages, especially the loudest in your track, to help the BRICKWALL HD "hit the target" optimally

The BRICKWALL HD Desktop Controller will show different messages if the Set Gain-feature is not able to find appropriate settings due to the sample being too short, too low audio level, no audio detected, etc…