It is possible to switch between live filter mode and recorded automation mode on the RD-8's analogue filter, during pattern playback.

The TAP/HOLD button allows you to toggle between the two modes:

•     Flashing filter ON button= Filter plays stored automation data
•     Solid filter ON button = Filter in live control mode

At any time, you can drop into Record Mode and adjust the filter settings that will
be stored with the current pattern, as long as the filter settings are set to Pattern.

It is also possible to manually program the filter per step or to edit a recorded
filter sweep.

1. Press SETTINGS.
3. Pressing different step keys (1-64) will display the current filter position from
0, turn the DATA control counter clockwise (CCW) to 255 turn clockwise (CW).
Depending on which filter setting is in use, HPF or LPF, the filter will be fully
open or closed. Up to 64 steps can be programmed using the <</>> keys in
the LENGTH section to navigate step position.
4. Press SETTINGS twice to exit.
5. Save PATTERN.