From Firmware version 1.07, DAW remote can be used. Follow these steps to get setup in your DAW.

1 - Connect your Wing to your computer using either a MIDI interface with 5 pin Din, or a USB cable.
2 - Press Setup and go to the DAW page. You can now configure your settings.
3 - Choose how you want the Wing to be configured in your DAW. The Wing allows you to remotely control upto 24 channels on the surface at any one time by using the MCU + Extender options. You will also need to select your Chosen DAW in the Preset option. 
4 - Open your DAW and configure the Wing. If you are using one of the Extender options you will see DAW 1, 2, 3 in your DAW. Ensure that DAW 1 is set to a main Controller and 2, 3 are set as Extenders. You will also need to set a channel offset for the extenders if your DAW requires it. 
See the Example from reaper as an example of this. You will also see an image in your DAW menu that shows what faders fall under what MIDI option. 

5 - Press the DAW Remote Button on your Wing and the faders and scribble strips should move to match your DAW.

You should now be able to successfully control your DAW using the Wing in DAW Remote mode.