Creating your own pre-sets will make them accessible from the Preset menu, but they will only appear in the list of 100 pre-sets in the plug-in or hardware unit if you set them as a favourite.

This is done by assigning a favourite slot number to the pre-set using the Favourite menu.

Click the FAVOURITE (heart-shaped) button in the pre-set window, then select one of the 10 banks. Assign one of your custom pre-sets to a favourite slot, then save the pre-set.

When a pre-set is assigned a favourite slot number:

The pre-set is part of the 100 pre-sets that can be recalled on the hardware unit

The favourite number will be displayed on the hardware unit when recalled

The favourite number will be locked so that two pre-sets cannot be assigned to the same favourite slot number.

This is shown in the Favourite menu by greying out the number in question.

The favourite number will be displayed in brackets when you browse the pre-sets menu

You can remove the favourite assignment by selecting the “Remove Assignment” feature in the Favourite menu, then saving the pre-set.

To browse favourites only the 'Browse Favourites Only' option in the pre-set menu allows the UP/DOWN arrows in the bottom bar of the plug-in, or via the hardware unit, to scroll only through the favourites list. Otherwise, scrolling goes through all pre-sets.