If you make an alteration to any of the parameters in the current pre-set, the pre-set name changes to italics as a reminder that something has changed from the original factory pre-set.

To save this new setting as a User pre-set, click in the PRE-SET window, then select the Save As option.

Save it with an appropriate name. User pre-sets can be edited and organized as you like.

To discard the changes without saving, simply navigate away from that pre-set.

The altered pre-set will be saved as a user pre-set, with your new name for it, and its name will appear in the User Presets window.

If you modify a saved user pre-set, you have the option to "Save" (rewriting over the existing user pre-set) or "Save As" (save as a new user pre-set).

If you modify a factory pre-set, then only "Save As" is available (to save as a new user pre-set).

 Factory pre-sets cannot be overwritten. User pre-sets are not given a number unless you first assign them as favourites.