X32 – Why isn’t my phantom power turning on?
It's possible that an XLR Input with phantom power capability is not currently routed to the channel you are using. 

For any channel that has an XLR Input routed to it, either the Local XLR Inputs on the rear of the console or via AES50 from a Digital Stagebox(S16, SD8 etc). You can check this by opening the HOME menu and navigating to the CONFIG page. Under SOURCE, make sure  you have the desired input source assigned to the channel. 

Phantom power can be activated from the Home Menu>Home Screen. This will access the input options for the selected channel. Press the down Arrow to access the 2nd layer of parameters and then Push in the 1st Encoder to activate Phantom Power. You can also use the 48V button on the surface of the mixer.

You can also activate Phantom Power through the SETUP>PREAMPS menu. Press SETUP and page right to PREAMPS. You can select the bank of preamps you wish to adjust by using the left most encoder under the screen, and then use encoders 2-5 to activate Phantom and adjust Gain/Trim settings. 

Please Note: If you have activated the HA Gain Split option in the SETUP>PREAMPS page, Phantom Power (and Gain) can ONLY be controlled from the Preamps Page.