The Deepmind Global menu's allow you to calibrate various aspects of the Deepmind. To enter this menu, press GLOBAL until you reach the SYSTEM SETTINGS. Use the BANK/DOWN button until you reach CALIBRATE and press YES.

Due to the analogue nature of the Deepmind, the voices can often drift out of tune.  The voices can be calibrated to 440Hz pitch using this menu.

To do this, navigate to CALIBRATE VOICES. You will then be shown the following options:

Below are explanations of each option:

• ALL - Every Calibration will be performed
• VOICE CHECK - Each voice is checked individually for its functionality.
• VCF - This puts every voice into self oscillation and tunes to 1 kHz in order to calibrate the resonance of the filter for that voice. The routine then puts the voice into self oscillation and checks the tuning at 50 Hz, 220 Hz, 880 Hz and 10 kHz to ensure the VCF is performing as expected.
• VCF FINE - Every voice is tested for scale and offset.
• OSC - Every voice is tested for its precision of the sawtooth slope so that it performs as designed. 
• PW - Each voice is tested for it's pulse width.
• VCA - Each voice is tested for its bias voltage and sets its operating level. 

Press YES next to the calibration you wish to perform, and its progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Following the calibration you will be shown the results on a chart. Each column represents a each voice. 1 represents a pass, 0 represents a fail.