P16 Setup from Digital Stagebox using WING or X32

The ULTRANET output port on the AES50 digital stageboxes (S16, SD8, SD16, S32, DL32, DL16) send out AES50 33-48. What this means is that on your ROUTING>AES50A,B or C (Depending on which port is connected out to the Stagebox) whatever you have assigned to AES50 OUTPUTS 33-48 will be sent out the Ultranet port on the Stagebox to the P16 system.

On the X32 by default, and recommended, is to assign P16 1-8 and P16 9-16 to AES50 33-48. Then you can use the ROUTING>ULTRANET (P16) menu to setup your P16 routing, just like you would if the P16 system was connected directly to the ULTRANET output on the rear of the X32.

On the WING, signal is not routed by default. You should open the ROUTING>OUTPUTS>AES50A(B,C) menu and assign the desired signals to the outputs 33-48.

NOTE: If using the DL16 or S16, just make sure the SN MASTER and SPLITTER lights are not turned on. The SN MASTER would cause the S16/DL16 to be the master clock, which could cause issues because you are likely using the WING/X32 as the master clock. The SPLITTER mode would send the local inputs on the S16/DL16 to the Ultranet output, rather than the AES50 signal coming from the mixer.