Question: How do I update the firmware on the G-SYSTEM?

Users with an earlier G-system software version need to update to 3.0 prior to using this firmware updater. You can find the firmware updater on the G-System product page on our website here:
In order to upgrade your G-System to the latest software you need the following:

  • G-System with minimum software version 3.0 installed
  • a PC with USB port running Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • a Mac with USB port running OSX 10.4.1; 10.5; 10.6 or 10.7
  • a standard USB cable

G-System - Application software load procedure. 
The software update procedure requires a PC or Mac with a USB port. Your existing user presets should not be affected by the update, but we suggest that you make a safety backup (of global settings and user presets) using the G-system Editor.

  1. Connect the PC or Mac to the G-System USB port.  
  2. (Re)start the G-system software updater application. 
  3. Select an output device: G-System is shown as "USB Audio device". 
  4. Select an input device: G-System is shown as "USB Audio device."
  5. Click the UPDATE button. G-System will now receive the firmware update...
  6. Wait until G-System restarts automatically.

IMPORTANT: After successful firmware update, G-system will show the software version in the startup splash screen. If it doesn't restart, then please have patience and wait up to 1 minute before powering off G-System.