HP is an abbreviation for High Performance, this is used to describe the driver technology used within our VQ, VX, VXP and VXNET Series of Loudspeakers.

Designed to radiate a coherent single point-source for superior dispersion control when coupled to our proprietary horn system. This advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wave-front emanating from the throat. The driver uses two concentric annular ring diaphragms, coupled to a uniquely engineered Point-Source Waveguide™. The larger of the two diaphragms has a 3.5” voice coil and reproduces frequencies from 400 Hz to 7 kHz – the major advantage here being that there is no crossover anywhere near the vocal region, thus ensuring natural and phase-coherent reproduction at this critical area. The 2” HF diaphragm takes over at 7 kHz to 22 kHz by way of a passive or an active crossover. The external casting features extensive heat-sinking ensuring good heat transfer for high power handling and very low power compression.

The use of what is essentially a Dual Concentric compression driver results in a wave-front at the throat of the horn being perfectly coherent across its frequency range. The MF/HF transducer loads into a large, proprietary design common horn. There is a huge advantage here in comparison to acoustic sources hitherto used with horns which consist of an HF compression driver and a separate midrange compression driver, each with its own horn. Invariably there is interference between the midrange and high frequency at the crossover. This results in uneven off axis performance, even if the HF horn is mounted in front of the MF horn. This artefact is compounded even further if the sources are displaced on the front baffle.